3 day guided Pack-in hunt - Deer or Elk

Hunt ID: CO-ElkMDeerMooseSheepGoat-LO9NDIL-PO5G-LEN6NG

Bull elk in this area are known for their wide span in age/size. In the last 10 years they have taken a 395”, a 340”, a number of 320’ but the best estimate of the average bull taken each year is 275-315 which is a large span because of the large area and multiple paths that bring the bulls through the area.

Hundreds of thousands of acres of National forest lays above him with elk being able to live and never see a person, or chased by a hunter. Elks ability to reverse migrate, roam a large area, and easily change food sources make this a ideal place for a big bull but we all must agree unless we hunt a high fence elk hunt these free ranging elk have no problem covering 5 miles per day, or stay in the same meadow or timber for weeks. This is part of what makes him so elusive and such a valued trophy for a successful hunter per day.

(1.) Get preference points for elk every year.

(2) Learn the finer points of hunting Elk, learning and shooting on the same trip Gauge you hunt duration as a 3 day trip.

(3) If Pack in hunting, rustic horse back with only you and that big bull on nature’s chess board.

(4) If you have had enough of the rusty long week hunts, we have a 3 day with a warm, dry motel and a shower to greet you at the end of the day.

Season Start Date: Aug 28, 2016
Season End Date: Dec 31, 2016
Weapons Allowed:
Cross bow
Hunting Type:
Big Game
Upland Game
Other Species
Wild hogs
Wild Boar
Bighorn Sheep
Safari Game
Big Cat
Other Game Birds
Mountain lion
Additional instructions: This is one of the very few areas you can draw a deer license with 0 points. If that is not enough you can even put in for a point as your first choice and this area 2nd and get a point and a license. Believe me it gets no better than this. Season Dates are as follows: 1st week 08/27/16-09/02 Archery 2st Week 09/03-09/09/11 Archery 3nd week 09/10-09/18 Muzzleloader 4th week 09/19-09/25 Archery Big Game Season Dates and Fees 2016 Big Game Season Dates - Check the regulation brochures for specifics and variations Archery Deer/elk (west of I-25 and Unit 140) Aug. 27–Sept. 25* Plains deer (east of I-25, except Unit 140) Oct. 1–28* Nov. 9–30 Dec. 15–31 Moose Sept. 10–25 Pronghorn (bucks only) Aug. 15–Sept. 20 Pronghorn (either sex) Sept. 1–20 Muzzleloader (by draw only) Deer/elk/moose Sept. 10–18 Plains deer (east of I-25, except Unit 140) Oct. 8–16 Pronghorn Sept. 21–29 Rifle Deer/Elk/Moose Moose Oct. 1–14 Separate limited elk (1st season) Oct. 15–19 Combined (deer/elk) (2nd season) Oct. 22–30 (3rd season) Nov. 5-13 Combined limited (deer/elk) (4th season) Nov. 16–20 Plains deer (east of I-25, except Unit 140) Oct. 29–Nov. 8 Late plains deer (east of I-25, except Unit 140) Dec. 1–14 Rifle Pronghorn (by draw only) Pronghorn Oct. 1–7* Black Bear Rifle limited (by draw) Sept. 2–30 Archery (over-the-counter with caps) Sept. 2–30 Muzzleloading (over-the-counter with caps) Sept. 10–18 Rifle (over-the-counter with caps)
Listing created Mar 23, 2016

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Charles N

2 years ago

How many people does this package cover?

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